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Spoon’s natural products offer you a different set of herbal flavors in a unique way, through our new spoon that made specially to suit your fine taste. The hygienic spoon, with the upgraded filter, will let the warm water pass through the herbs, and with every stir you will enjoy your favorite flavor even more!

100% Organic

Our products are made from pure, organic nutrients.

Original Taste

Original means, No added ingredients, No added colors.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed. or get your money back if you're not happy!


Different types of organic herbs, with a unique taste.


The finest teas with distinctive flavors for you to enjoy the moment.


nutritional powders and hot coffee drinks with the best and most distinctive food flavors.

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  • بابونج


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    ل.س 4,170.00
  • كمون وليمون

    Cumin and Lemon

    ل.س 4,170.00
  • شاي أخضر

    Green Tea

    ل.س 4,170.00
  • مليسة


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    ل.س 4,170.00


Reviews and recommendations from our clients

For the first time, I find a different product with 100% natural flavor and a new and practical idea.

Alaa Khalifa

Purchasing Supervisor

“Just what I was looking for. Tasty collection of products, premium quality with reasonable price.. thank you so much”.

Muna shahbander

manufacturing maneger

“I STRONGLY recommend katramiz products  to EVERYONE. I couldn’t have asked for more than this. No matter where you go, Spoon is an easy and creative way of serving your favourite tea!”

Reham arnawt

Exhibition Coordinator

The following are katramizlife’s natural products, unique in their taste and distinguished in their idea (spoon) 

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